Ink 101

Dye-based Ink

Dye-based inks are great for all kinds of paper and come in a vast array of colors. Dye- based inks are permanent and quick drying. The ink soaks into the paper instead of sitting on top, therefore, a pale or white paper is best. Many are not waterproof, not recommended for use with water-based mediums,  great for colored pencils and some can be used with alcohol markers. Inks are an investment. I recommend trying different inks in "mini' cubes before buying full-size ink pads.  I recommend Memento Ink with alcohol markers. Dye-based inks tend to fade over time. To avoid this look for archival or fade resistant brands.

Pigment Inks

Pigment inks dry slowly making the perfect for heat embossing and come in a wide array of colors. The inks sit on the surface of the paper instead of being absorbed therefore giving you a more vibrant color. Not recommended for glossy and coated papers unless you heat emboss. Careful not to over ink stamps with the pigment ink's spongy pad. 

Hybrid Inks

Hybrid Inks are a cross between dye-based inks and pigment inks, sharing properties of both. Hybrid inks are great for most types of paper and dry quickly making them less than ideal for heat embossing, Most hybrid inks are permanent when heat set. Less transparent than pigment inks but more opaque than dye-based inks. Just like dye-based inks and pigment inks, hybrid inks come in a wide array of colors.

Distress Inks

Distress inks are a dye-based ink with a high concentration of color, have a longer drying time, and react with water. Distress inks are perfect for blending backgrounds and can be used for watercolors.

Distress Oxide Inks

Distress Oxide Inks are a water-reactive dye and pigment ink blend that creates an oxide look when sprayed with water. 

Solvent Inks

Solvent based inks are quick drying and permanent.  It's the go-to ink when you want to stamp on surfaces other than paper to include metal, glass, and acetate. Solvent based inks will most likely stain your stamps. Staz-On is the solvent ink I recommend and it comes in a variety of colors. 

Specialty Inks

Versamark Ink is clear, sticky pigment ink that is ideal for heat embossing.  Highly recommended.

Chalk Inks are pigment inks with a chalky, matte finish. 

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