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Watercoloring On Vellum with Spring Peonies

Hi, everyone! So, I did a thing and it was amazing, watercoloring on vellum. I have never seen anyone watercolor on vellum and wasn't sure how it was going to go but it went. YAY! Okay, I'm trying to get a video done for Honey Bee Stamps, nothing is coming and I mean nothing. I have 5 cakes that need to be baked for a 2 tier birthday cake, two are in the oven, and I'm getting sick. I feel like someone took a white-hot brand iron and stuck it down my throat and there is no dramatic effect added to that statement. Anyway, I'm running around like a crazy woman, trying to do all the things and failing at one of them, miserably. I finally say, okay enough get something on paper and grab VersaMagic Ink and Vellum, I know how gorgeous this ink is on vellum. It's a start, forty minutes later, LOVE! Seriously, check out the video to see how easy this card is, you won't believe it.

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